Needing a Play Date with your Artistic Soul?

Calling all Artists and Co-creators,

Are you in need of a play date with your artistic soul? There is still time to register for the last painting workshop in the Fall “Mix It Up!” series Sat. Nov. 5th.

Fall is a good time for shedding of the outer layers and letting our inner life shine. What better way than using art materials to let your soul self speak with images to be revealed. Come play with color, shape, line, and symbols, and explore what is wanting to be expressed.

Hope to see you there!


Mix It Up!

Ongoing acrylic painting workshops taught by Amy Sullivan. Last one for the Fall series. More classes beginning in Jan. 2017.

11 am – 2 pm. Saturday, Nov. 5, 2016

$75/class plus $5 materials fee.

To register:

Find out more and register at,

or download registration form from

This ongoing workshop introduces a variety of mixed media effects and techniques to satisfy your artistic soul. Texture, layering, paint dripping, stencils, and monoIMG_0811-printing allow you to experiment and play. Experience new levels of possibility as you loosen up your artistic style and bypass creative blocks with ease. As you get more comfortable taking risks with the paint, you will find it easier to express yourself spontaneously through the creative process. No previous art experience necessary!  Ages 15 and up.

What to bring:

  • A bag lunch and snacks to share
  • A smock, apron, or old clothes
  • A journal for writing

Where:  Sanchez Art Center, 1220 Linda Mar Blvd, Pacifica

Questions? Call 650.355.1894

Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Early on in my career, I worked at a drug and alcohol recovery center with teenage girls. My supervisor asked me what I wanted to accomplish with the girls, and I said I wanted to help them feel comfortable in their own skin.

“That will never happen,” she said dismissively.

On one hand, I understand what she meant, and yet on the other, I still deeply believe that no matter what trauma we have experienced and no matter how spooked out of our sovereign space we may be, there is still an innate capacity to connect to our own eternal, infinite nature. Words like presence, consciousness, awareness, beingness, knowingness, Soul, expanded sense of self, or true nature point to the ineffable experience.IMG_6059

I recognize that there is a great deal of resistance and the ego-mind might squirm a bit. Often feelings of despair, guilt and resentment are lurking just below the surface. You will inevitably bump into many obstacles digging through the bedrock. Perseverance in the vein of allowing whatever is to be as is can melt ancient armouring along the littered pathway.

Judgments about the rewards to be had from going within often impede coming home to oneself. Thoughts like: “I should feel good, positive, loving, wise or ___________, may cause us to give up before we even begin.

Impatience can be easily subdued with gentle reminders to relax, breathe, allow and most importantly… FEEL. 

It’s okay to feel. It’s good for you to feel.

Feel body sensations. That means all body sensations, whether pleasant or painful. Feel your skin using a sense of heightened awareness. Feel the aliveness of your autonomic nervous system, and bodily functions, like breathing, heartbeat, blood flow, and temperature regulation.

Once you catch a glimpse of dimensionless presence, it will intensify as you continue to focus your attention on it, letting it grow and stepping back to observe and watch and quite simply experience.

Welcome home to the place where your soul resides.