Book signing and reading Wed. March 4th Florey’s Book Co. in Pacifica 7-8:30pm

Book signing and reading for Chasing Serenity: Journal of My Son’s Addiction by A. O. Sullivan will be Wednesday, March 4th from 7 pm – 8:30 pm at Florey’s Book Company in Pacifica.

Please join the author and a special guest appearance by Maya C. who will be reading selections from her journal.

    Chasing Serenity, an intimate and mystical tale, is personal, relatable, moving, and immensely readable. It is an inspiring and thought-provoking tale that approaches addiction and co-dependence from a perspective that many may not consider. Author A. O. Sullivan recounts the tale of Maya C., who finds herself on an allegorical journey of self-discovery and recovery after she picks up her son, Frankie, from jail. If her son is to integrate into the “real” world, she must confront her own demons, and thus learns to use the unseen forces of universe to heal their relationship damaged by years of drug addiction.

Anyone in the recovery community will appreciate this suspenseful and mysterious ride. Oscillating between the drudgery of real life legal battles, deep friendships with the Circle Sisters, and encounters with natural and archetypal personifications, Chasing Serenity culminates when Maya C. realizes that she is not alone and that addiction is a huge problem that needs national attention.

This book is dedicated to all those who suffer with addictions of any kind and to those who love them.

Please join us under the full moon for an evening of sharing and caring as we look at how we as a society can open up to more compassionate solutions for this difficult problem that has such far reaching legal, medical, social, economic and educational ramifications.