Book Release!!

Check out the book, Chasing Serenity: Journal of My Son’s Addiction, just released on Amazon. It is a riveting tale of a modern heroine entangled in the dance of addiction and co-dependence and how it looks in terms of family dynamics. It looks at addiction from a new perspective intended to inspire people wherever they are in their recovery and self-discovery journey. Please let me know what it brings up for you! How are you doing on your journey?

Ready for Recovery

“I love to laugh – ha, ha, ha, ha!” as the song from Mary Poppins goes, but sometimes recovery and self discovery are not funny. I created this space as a safe place for us to share our deep and fluffy feelings whatever they are, and wherever we happen to be at any given moment. If we find ourselves lost in the woods, hey, at least we found ourselves. Finding ourselves lost – that’s what it’s like. The trick is often simply allowing myself to just be who I am and where I am instead of trying to be that something else.  If you are in recovery, or on a path of self discovery, congratulations. It takes courage to change.

“We need more focus on recovery as an impressive achievement. No one should be ashamed of positive change,” says Jean from her blog UnPickled.

Learning and practicing how to articulate our feelings is an important part of healthy, balanced living.

“Our intent is not necessarily to feel better, but get better at feeling.” Michael Brown

I also want to provide space for people to share thoughts and feelings that come up while reading my book Chasing Serenity due out mid December, 2014. Not so much critiques of the book per se, as ways that the vignettes touch your own personal, real-life stories of recovery and self discovery.

An Irish blessing for the launch of this blog seems fitting:

May the long time sun shine upon you

All love surround you

And the pure light within you

Guide your way home

And so it is!